Level 1B File Naming

L1B 항목별 스펙소개
Spacecraft GEO-KOMPSAT-2B Sensor GOCI-II
Processing Level
Level 1B
File naming
 * Underscores are separators in file name. 
* The order of texts may change.             
GK2_GOCI2_L1B_ 20220213_021530_LA_ S000.nc
Order Name Position of texts Description
Satellite Name 1-3 GK2 : Spacecraft is GEO-KOMPSAT-2B
Sensor 5-9 GOCI2 : Sensor name is GOCI-II
Processing Level 11-13 L1B : Processing level is 1B
Acquisition Date 15-22 Image acquisition date
Acquisition Time 24-29 Image acquisition time (UTC)
Coverage 31-32 LA : Local Area / FD : Full Disk
Slot number 34-37 S### : ### is from 000 to 011.
* If slot numbers do not exist, it indicates an image with all slots merged.
File format 39-41 NC : NetCDF
Tif : GeoTIFF
JPG : JPEG(for thumbnail)